Enjoy the End

Hi, my name is Craig. ETE is my entry in Phoenix Phrenzy, a competition hosted by DockYard where the goal is to build something using a newer technology called Phoenix LiveView. LiveView is neat because it allows you to build UI's that are predominantly controlled on the server.

ETE utilizes the canvas element (for better or for worse) to render a simple little game I created centered around most of the animals in my life. The name ETE, or Enjoy the End, is based loosely off of a concept from a manga I read called Gigant. In Gigant there is an app available to everyone that can be used to vote on outlandish things that will happen in the real world. The events are usually sinister in nature, playing on the idea that humans are actually cruel beings who want to watch the world burn.

How to play:
The screen you're currently on is a listing of servers. You can click on any server here to join, or create a new one.
You will be prompted to pick a character (I recommend Kitty, just look at those cheeks!), and after doing so will be put in the game.
Right now you can only move using the arrow keys. If you touch the dog you'll die and have to pick a new character if you want to play again.
Using the buttons on the side will affect the game in different ways. Try not to be too evil ;).